Stadt Sonthofen
Rathausplatz 1
87527 Sonthofen

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Welcome to Sonthofen,
most southern town of Germany,
alpine city of the year 2005 and Fairtrade-town


We are happy to present our pretty town, the center of tourism, culture and sports activities in the region Oberallgäu.


Sonthofen in summer 

The town with its 16 districts is surrounded by the Allgäu Alps and lies in a valley between the rivers Iller and Ostrach at 750-1100 m above sea level. With 4000 beds, in categories ranging from basic holiday flats to first class hotels, Sonthofen is one of the most important touristic towns in the Allgäu.

Sonthofen and its lovely surroundings have a lot to offer for visitors of every age and with all kinds of interests. A superb network of hiking trails, a diversified cultural programme, interesting sights, typical restaurants, a variety of excellent facilities for both summer and winter sports and, of course, beautiful landscapes and nature..


Our Tourist Information Office (Gästeamt) is happy to help you find the right accomodation and offers a lot of important information and visitor services for you to plan your stay:Gästeamt Sonthofen
Rathausplatz 1
87527 Sonthofen
Tel. 08321 / 615-291